How do I pay for a new/renewal order?

To start/renew your subscription, please pay the new/renewal fee for the period.

Payment process: Credit Card

  1. Log-in your Control Panel
  2. My Account -> Billing History-> open a new/renewal order
  3. Order Details :[Pay this document] -> pay by card.

Payment process: Bank Transfer

  1. Make a remittance to the following our account.

    • Bank and Branch : Hachijuni Bank Eigyou-Honten Branch
      (八十二銀行営業本部 Bank-Branch code:0143-210)
    • Type : General deposit (普通)
    • Account No : 1117329
    • Account holder : JMF Co.,Ltd. (カ.ジェイエムエフ)
  2. Please let us know the payment details by sending an e-mail:
    The below details are required.

    • Account ID :
    • Deposit Name : (account holder)
    • Deposit Date :
    • Deposit Amount : JPY

    Sending by Support Ticket is also avilable.

  3. After receiving the mail above, we will check and reflect the deposit on your account.

If the service is currently not provided due to payment, the payment must be in a hurry.
The payment due is on the beginning date of next period.
When payment is not found for a couple of weeks, we are afraid that the subscription might me deleted.

If you have any questions to use your server, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket to ask what you would like to solve.
Trouble ticket can be created in help tab of your control panel.
FAQ How I use trouble ticket?